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FYS 107: Nature & Photography

Resources to support Dan Tankersley's class.

Image Sources

Text Sources

Image capturing

You need  to include referenced photos into the flow of your writing, like a magazine article does.

The best way to do this is to download the image to your computer, then to upload the image into the document.

  • Some sites will provide specific download links, perhaps in different sizes. Use when available.
  • When no download links are provided, right-click the image (or on a Mac: Ctrl + click) and select Save As...
  • Sites such as Instagram and National Geographic block downloads or require payment, to protect the copyrights of image creators. You are referring to these images as sources in a critical and educational context, and not presenting them as your own. While not ideal, you can screenshot the images themselves, and refer to the metadata (title, composer, location, etc.) for your citation. Here's how:
    • Find the type of device you are on at and follow the directions.
    • Select the image in its entirety, as the creator presents it. Do not crop or alter it in any way. Professional photographers may have a watermark superimposed on the image--that is OK.
    • Copy and paste the URL for the image before you leave it.
    • For Instagram: Find the Copy Link command: On mobile, find it under the three dots upper right .... On desktop, find it under the Share button . Open a new tab and paste the link. You now have the single post view rather than your feed view.