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.Physics Subject Guide: Recommended Databases

Library and Internet resources useful for Physics students and researchers.

Librarians' Top Picks

Other Databases to Try

Directions to Librarians Using This Template

Create the page for a new subject list of databases

  • Add/Edit Pages menu
  • Select Add/Reuse Page
  • Select Reuse Existing Page tab
  • For the Page to Reuse area, select the guide...Databases by Subject, then select the page...subjectX template
  • Keep as a top-level page
  • Click box to Create a copy of this page rather than linking to original
  • Click Reuse Page button.

Customize the new page

  • Add/Edit Pages menu
  • Select Change Page Info
  • Select the page you wish to change...choose the 2nd subjectX template
  • Page Name is simple statement of the subject, capitalized (i.e., Literature, Criminal Justice)
  • Description reads "Databases recommended by subjectx"; change to appropriate subject, capitalized.

Other reminders

  • Keep the pages/tabs in alpha order: Add/Edit Pages menu, choose Reorder/Move Pages.
  • Delete the instructions to librarians in the various boxes with Edit Text.
  • Delete this box!

Reference-type Resources

librarians: this box is only a place holder--it may be used for databases you don't want to clump with the article-type databases, or may be used for a resources for a subtopic of the subject, or it may be deleted!

Related Guides

Librarians: template is set to show other guides with subject Education.  Use Edit Box Settings to change to subjectX OR change to Manually Selected Guides. 

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