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MUS 342 Vocal Pedagogy: Articles & Books, etc.

Journals on Vocal Pedagogy

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Finding Books

Call Number Areas

Browse in these areas for specific pedagogical subjects .  The MT call numbers are for the instruction & study of music; Q & R call numbers are science and medicine areas.

Administration and instruction of vocal groups MT88
Singing and vocal technique MT820-915
Care of the voice MT821
Sight singing MT870
Diction MT883
Interpretation & performance MT892
Vocal techniques for children MT898-915
Musical theater MT955-956
Anatomy/speech production QP306
Vocal health and therapy


Subject Searches and Specific Books & Other Materials

The subject search links are to the WOU, Summit, and Beyond catalog, so you can see what we have locally as well as those you can borrow.  The links to specific books are representative of those in our local collection, not a complete listing.

Subject Guide

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