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Finding a Topic

Step 1

Read Through the "What is Sustainability Article" and write down possible topic you could use. 

Step 2

Using the article as a guide, write down topic ideas that are similar but not necessarily mentioned in the article. 

Step 3 

Search the Internet and Wikipedia to get both background information and generate a list of keywords related to your search. 

Use the Advanced Google Searching technique listed below to help you.  




Advanced internet Searching

You can alter your Google Search results and search by a specific domain by adding site: followed by the domain to your search. In the example above, this will limit your results to only .gov sites. 

Other common domains are: .org  .edu   .edu  .com   .net 

Finding Articles --WOU Databases

Enter your search terms and select Full Text













Helpful Databases at WOU 

Academic Search Premier 



JSTOR (everything in JSTOR is full text)