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Hamersly Library

.A storehouse of things you might want to add to your libguide: Articles & Databases

This is a place to put common elements that might be placed in any libguide

Basics of Effective Library Database Searching

This Printable Handout highlights the key elements of an effective library database search

Shorten or Expand a URL

The box below automatically adds WOU proxy information to a URL (if it isn't already there) and creates a shortened version you can easily share.

Enter a URL to shorten or a URL to expand:

Proxy Bookmarklet

Want to be able to add WOU's proxy to a link with just one click?

Make sure your bookmarks or favorites toolbar is showing, then drag this link to your browsers toolbar: WOU Off Campus Access

It will create "bookmarklet" you can click on to enable off campus access to WOU's subscribed resources from any page, including many that otherwise want you to pay for access.

Articles and Databases

Western Oregon University has a variety of databases covering multiple subjects and disciplines.

To find a Database for your topic area:

  1. Go to the library web site
  2. In the grey search widget, choose the tab: Articles
  3. Find the Recommended Databases By Subject area and choose from the drop-down menu

How To Find Peer Reviewed Articles

+ Search Ulrich's Periodical Directory. Ulrich’s describes thousands of  journals published all over the world.

Peer Review Process


Peer Reviewed - Refereed - Juried Articles


[Peer review] requires an article to be subjected to a process of critical evaluation by one or more experts on the subject, known as referees, responsible for determining if the subject of the article falls within the scope of the publication and for evaluating originality, quality of research, clarity of presentation, etc. Changes may be suggested to the author(s) before an article is finally accepted for publication…Some bibliographic databases allow search results to be limited to peer-reviewed journals.  Synonymous with juried and refereed.


From ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science. 

Comparing Standardized Vocabulary

Term from AltHealth Watch databaseTerm from MEDLINE databaseAs you search in databases, you can discover the Subject Terms (also named "Descriptors" or "Subject Headings") that are applied to articles on your topic.  This controlled vocabulary can be a powerful way of finding everything the database has on a topic without having to sort through a lot of irrelevant material. 

However, as you can see from the examples, each database can have its own preferred terminology for the same concept. So, when you switch databases, make sure to check its thesaurus for the terms that will help you be successful.Term from PsycInfo database

Databases? --link--

What is a library database?
Learn about what you'll find in library databases, how they differ from the free-web and when to use them in this tutorial.
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