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.A storehouse of things you might want to add to your libguide: Find It @ WOU / Citation Chasing

This is a place to put common elements that might be placed in any libguide

Find It @ WOU

You have found an article that you would like to use in your paper, but you do not see a link to read the full text of the article. That is what Find it @ WOU is there for. With Find it @ WOU, you have four different scenarios for getting the full text of the article.

The Find It @ WOU guide explains the four scenarios for getting the article.

How to Find Articles Listed on a Reference Page--Find It @ WOU

Do you have an article citation from a reference page?  Get the article by using Find It @ WOU. The potential results are:

  • You'll get a link to the article in a database
  • The library has the journal in print.  You can a) retrieve the necessary volume and issue from the shelves, or b) request the Scan & Deliver service. 
  • The library doesn't have the journal you are looking for, but you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

How to Find Articles Listed on a Reference Page--Journal Title List

Do you have an article citation from a reference page?  

You can search for the article using the journal title, volume/issue, and page number:  

Once you have noted this information, look for the journal using our Journal Title List search:

Need a specific journal?
Use the Journal Title List

How to Find Articles from a Reference Page--Google Scholar

Do you have an article citation from a reference page? 

You can use the Article Title to search for the article in Google Scholar:


Type or cut & paste the Article Title in the Google Scholar search box. Use Google Scholar from WOU Library in order to use Find It@WOU feature).


Locate your article (use author, journal title, volume/issue, page numbers and year to verify it is the correct article). If PDF available open PDF. If PDF not available, select Find it@WOU 


If you selected Find it @WOU select a database the article is available in and use citation information to locate article. If no databases are available, select WOU Interlibrary Loan. 



How to Find Books Listed in a Reference Page

Do you have a book citation from a reference page? Use the Primo search on the library's front page to get that book. 

Use the Primo Search to find a known book citation

If Primo (WOU + Summit libraries) doesn't have the book, then look for it in WorldCat

How to find articles that cite your source

We often use bibliographies to discover works that the scholar referenced.  These cited sources are necessarily older than the article.

How about reversing the process? Use Google Scholar to discover more recent works which cite the article or book you have.

Type the title of your article into the Google Scholar search box:

Google Scholar Search













Use the Cited by link at the bottom of the article's entry:

Google Scholar Result

Notice that the example "source" article above was published in 1995. See an annotated image of the Cited by results--all more recent scholarship than the original article.

Links to Google Scholar throughout the library's web pages are specially coded to tie in with our owned and licensed collections and to Interlibrary Loan when necessary, via the Find it at WOU link. Or, rather than hunting down the link every time, you can setting your Google Scholar preferences to connect with the library:

  • Sign into your Google account, and then go to Scholar Settings.
  • Type "wou" in the 'Library Links' section.
  • Select the access boxes for Western Oregon University, and click Save.
  • When you link into WOU library resources, authenticate yourself with your PawPrint when requested.

 Google Scholar preferences

Simply using the address without setting your preferences will cut you off from library access.