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.A storehouse of things you might want to add to your libguide: Web Searching & Eval

This is a place to put common elements that might be placed in any libguide

Evaluating Internet Sources -- link

Evaluating Internet Sources
Learn to effectively evaluate the information that you find on the web.
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Evaluating Internet Sources -- thumb

Internet Searching -- link

Internet Searching Tips
Learn some internet search tips and strategies.
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Internet Searching -- thumb

Internet Research--wikipedia and search engines


Wikipedia? Yes...Wikipedia.  You shouldn’t cite Wikipedia as a source in your research paper. And no, it is not because Wikipedia is a bad source for information. Wikipedia is about as accurate as any other encyclopedia out there.  

You shouldn’t use it as a source for your paper because it is just an encyclopedia. College level work requires more sophisticated source material.  However, it is perfectly fine to use for background research.

You can also use the reference page of Wikipedia enteries to find useful sources for your paper.   

Go to and Look up your topic  

Write down important names, dates, and key terms. Use these to help find information on the internet and from library databases. Some researchers even fill in a background research log to help with research. 


Because different search engines search the Internet in different ways, you should always search more than one search engine when looking for information for your research. 

5 Search Engines

Because you are using websites for college research (and not just personal knowledge), the information you use must be accurate and credible.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply and Questions to Ask can assist you with this process

Primary Sources in the Natural Sciences

This video will highlight the differences between primary sources, secondary sources, and review articles in the Natural Sciences. (Time 4:34)

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