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Hamersly Library

Library Information for Faculty: Teaching Online

Yes, we have online options for library instruction!

Contact your librarian. We'll find out what you need and the determine the best option with the quickest turn-around time. Below are some of the options we may employ.

Research Guides

Flexible webpages designed to help students do research, complete an assignment or accomplish a specific task. Guides are customized and can include a variety of content. Examples:


Course-specific tutorials teach students how to do research, use a particular resource or tool, accomplish a specific research task, and much more. They can be embedded in a research guide or within your course. Examples:

Moodle Integration

Add the librarian for your subject area so they can interact with students within your course. You can create a Discussion Forum where students can ask the librarian questions, or have students send direct messages to their librarian to get research help. We can also link to a customized research guide. Contact your librarian to explore the best options for your course.

Our Library Instruction Program

For full information on our library instruction program, please see our Library Instruction page.