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Race, Policing, and Protest: A Resource Guide: Researching the Issues

Finding Articles (Scholarly, Magazine, Newspaper, etc.)

Some suggested search terms (search alone or mix and match):

racial profiling
racial inequality
race relations
racial conflict
police brutality
police tactics
police shootings
police training
criminal justice system
discrimination in law enforcement     
racism and the united states
civil rights
social justice
African Americans and the justice system
mass incarceration
urban development and white flight
non-violent protest
community policing
complaints against police
Black Lives Matter (Movement)
institutional racism
youth protest movements

*Remember that although some search terms may be distasteful, you must think about what words the articles you are hoping to find would use to talk about an issue. Sometimes that means searching for words that you would not use yourself.

You can use these same terms to search for books in WOU's library database.

See the Recommended Readings tab for specific books and articles of interest.