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Hamersly Library

Oregon Adopted Instructional Materials (OAIM) Viewing Site: OAIM Viewing Site Guidelines

A guide to the State of Oregon's Official Viewing Site for Adopted Instructional Materials, including access to the visitor registration form and viewing hours.

Viewing Site Information & Guidelines


Physical viewing  - Schedule a day/time to come to Western Oregon University

Remote viewing - Schedule a day/time for a remote viewing. We can only do remote viewings for groups (i.e. a cohort of instructors reviewing a collection vs. individual times for each member of the cohort).  


E-mail: Robert Monge at 

Parking Permit(s), Map, Driving Directions

Parking Permits
Parking is free but a permit is required. Permits may be obtained at the 1st floor information desk of the library.  

Driving Directions and Campus Map
Driving directions to Western Oregon University can be found at: They are also attached as a pdf below, as is a campus map.

On the map, Harmersly Library is at E4. 

Department of Education--Adopted Textbooks Site

For more information visit the Oregon Department of Education Adopted Textbook Site: 

  • Oregon Department of Education  
    ODE's site on Oregon Adopted Instructional Materials. Includes information such as: adoption schedules, lists of adopted materials, adoption criteria, review committee comments and more.