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BA 484 International Management: Research Tutorial Videos

Resources recommended for BA 484 - International Management

Accessing the Spreadsheet in Yammer

Finding the Spreadsheet

Saving a Copy of the Spreadsheet to Your Team Page

Making Edits to your Spreadsheet File

Finding Company Information

Hoover's Company Information

PrivCo Company Information

Organizational Charts

There is no sure way to find a company's org chart. Ideally, your company will have one listed on its corporate web page, but this does not always happen.

If your company does not list its executives anywhere, you can check on TheOfficialBoard. Keep in mind these charts are user created so you should make sure the information in them is accurate before you use it, ideally by finding a similar list on an official company website or press release.

If you have a list of people but no file, you can create your own using the smart shapes tool in Microsoft Office, as described in this tutorial.

Keep in mind that for the purposes of this presentation you need people's roles, not their names.  So your chart might contain a "Vice President of Logistics," but should not include any individual's name.

Finding Country Information

Finding Research Documents

SWOT Analysis Reports

10-K Annual Report

Published Annual Report

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find published annual reports for privately held companies. If you search Google for your company and the word "annual report" you may have some luck. If you are very lucky, your company will publish its annual reports somewhere on an investor relations website, but this is not as common as you might think.

If you have to use Google to find a source, keep in mind that you should check for the recency and authority of the site you find it on:

When was this published?


does the person or organization behind the website have the authority to know/provide this information?

Challenge or Opportunity Article

Country Commercial Guide

Country Profile Report

Country Risk Report

Other Country Reports

For this section of the spreadsheet, you can use any other report in Business Source Premier that has to do with your country, or some of the more specific guides linked from the BA 484 research guide.