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NoodleTools Instructions

A brief overview of how to set up your NoodleTools account and use it.

Exporting to Google Docs

First, get into the project you want to export, then go to the Sources section.

1. Select "Print/Export" at top of your Sources screen.



2. OPTIONAL: If you want to change the default export options, choose "Formatting Options..."


The formatting options are: 

  • List title
  • Page header (MLA and APA only)
  • Annotation spacing (MLA only)
  • Include or omit annotations
  • Other formatting


3. To export, select "Print/Export to Google Doc" on the menu. (If nothing happens, check to make sure your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled for NoodleTools.)



3.  Google will automatically open a new document with your sources and save it to your Google Drive. This document will be named "Sources for... [your project title]".



4.  The exported document will automatically include appropriate margins and hanging indents. However, review it and make any necessary edits, based on how your professor told you they wanted this document to be formatted. For instance, if you are creating an annotated bibliography, your professor may have specified how they want the annotations to be structured.


If you are creating a stand-alone annotated bibliography, no further work is needed.

If you need to add your sources to an existing Google Doc (where you've written your paper or research project, for example), simply go to the end of that paper or project, and copy and paste from your Sources Google Doc. Make sure that your list of sources is at the end of your paper or project, and that you start your list of sources on its own page.

Exporting to Word

The directions for exporting to Word are the same as above. Instead of opening your source list in a Google Doc, NoodleTools will open the Word software on your computer. You will need to save the file manually on your own computer.