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Requesting a Study Room

Learn the basics of how to put in a reservation request for a study or conference room.

General Meeting Restrictions

Individuals and group reservations are limited to a maximum of 4-hours total per day. Exceptions may be made for special events.

The system limits reservation requests to a minimum of 24-hours prior to the requested event. If this is the case and you would like a reservation for the next day, please call the information desk at 503-838-8418 to make arrangements.

Requests are only accepted for the current term, and may not exceed one-term in length.

See the complete room usage policy for more information.

Access Astra

Access the Astra Scheduler software via your WOU Portal page



Login using your WOU ID and password.



Click the link in near the middle of the screen to to be taken to the request form.


Select the 'Hamersly Library Event Request' to proceed.


Fill in the basic request form details

Your name and WOU email will automatically be populated in the request window.

  1. Please assign a unique group name
  2. Indicate the number of individuals who will be in the room at one time.
  3. Proceed using the 'Add Meeting' link.

Single meeting request

  1. Select the start and end times (remember the 4-hour limitation)
  2. Select the date for the meeting (same start/end date)
  3. Click 'Add Meeting' to proceed

Multiple meeting request

  1. Select the dates you'd like to request a meeting.
    • Selected dates are in dark blue
    • The current date will be in light blue
  2. Select the start and end times (remember the 4-hour limitation)
  3. Click the  to generate the meetings as a list in the right-side box. The default group name will mimic the event name, but you can change it. 
  4. Click the +/- symbol to see all meetings in the group.
  5. Click 'Add Meeting' to proceed





Recurring meeting request

  1. Select the Start and End Time (remember 4-hour reservation limit)
  2. Select how the meeting should recur (daily, weekly, monthly)
  3. For weekly recurring meetings, choose which days of the week the meeting will be (e.g. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)
  4. Select the first date you'd like your reservation to Start
  5. Select the End Date for your reservation.
  6. Review the 'Recurrence Summary' to confirm.
  7. Click 'Add Meeting' to proceed

(Optional) selecting a room


  1. Click the 'Request Rooms' link to procced.

Room Selection

  1. Click the 'Room' column to sort the rooms numerically
  2. Select an available room of choice
    • Green: Selected
    • Yellow: Room is not available on a specific date of a multi- or recurring reservation request
    • Red: Room is unavailable.
  3. Information about the room can be seen by hovering over the small target icon.
  4. Once finished, click the 'OK' button.


Submitting Completed Request

Click the 'Submit' button to send your request to the library staff. You will receive a total of three (3) emails from Astra.

1) That the request was submitted,

2) That the initial request was approved, and

3) A final confirmation email with approved dates/times and room assignments.