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FYS 107: Stories About Your Ancestors

Find Materials in the WOU library

Review this page to learn more about how to search using the WOU catalog (Primo). Below are some ideas for keywords to search that may be helpful for your research in this class:

  • Genealogy
  • Ancestry
  • Family/families
  • Frontier life
  • Pioneers
  • Settlers
  • Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon
  • Primary source
  • Oral history
  • Letter
  • Diary
  • Registers of births
  • Census
  • Records

When searching for these or related words, consider how people writing at the time would have described what you're looking for (even if the language we would use today is different!). Also, try refining your search with filters to a specific type of resource (book, journal article, etc.) and to a specific subject (e.g. History, as opposed to the medical field of genealogy research).

Below are some specific books and other types of documents in Hamersly that might be of interest. Our historical collections focus on Oregon, for obvious reasons, so if you know that your family history is from another state, try finding a public library, state library, and/or university library in that state that allows online searching. If you'd like help with this, please contact your librarian!

Handbooks, guides, directories

Oregon state and county history

Reference books