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Digital Documents Collections: Alcohol in Monmouth

Includes current and historical personnel and salary lists


A compilation of materials related to Monmouth, Oregon, the college campus, and "the alcohol question." Created in 1991 (and not updated since). Monmouth voted in 2002 to allow beer and wine sales, and in 2010 to allow liquor sales.

Part 1: Overview


Brief History


Woman's Christian Temperance Union Source: Handbook of American Women's History edited by A. H. Zophy. Garland, 1990 p. 669

Charter and General Ordinances Part 1

Charter and General Ordinances Part 2


Charter Forbids Alcoholics Sale Source: Monmouth Herald April 6, 1933, page 1

Dry Campaign Launched At West Salem Meeting Source: Monmouth Herald June 29, 1933, page 1

Dries Triumph in Monmouth Source:: Monmouth Herald June 27, 1933, page 1

Special Election Will Be Called Source: Monmouth Herald August 3, 1933, page 1

City Election Source: Monmouth Herald October 29, 1936, page 1

Liquor Sales Are Snowed Under Source: Monmouth Herald November 5, 1936, page 1

County Total Vote Listed Source: Monmouth Herald November 9, 1950, page 1

Prohibition Top Vote Interest in Local Elections Source: Monmouth Herald October 28, 1954, page 1

Vote Prohibition Councilmen Tie Source: Monmouth Herald November 4, 1954, page 1

Petition Places Liquor Question On City Ballot Source: Monmouth Herald September 8, 1960, page 1

Polk Stays Lowest in Liquor Buying Source: Monmouth Herald September 15, 1960, page 1

Signer Lack to Void Petition On Liquor Sale Source: Monmouth Herald September 15, 1960, page 1

Court Upholds City Rejection Of Petition Source: Monmouth Herald October 6, 1960, page 1

Dry Monmouth Asks Liquor Funds Share Source: Monmouth Herald October 18, 1960, page 6

Dry Monmouth Asks Liquor Funds Source: Monmouth Herald January 30, 1969, Section 2, page 18

Liquor Profit Plea Favored Source: Monmouth Herald Febuary 4, 1969, Section 1, page 16

House Approves City Liquor Fund Share Source: Monmouth Herald Febuary 6, 1969, page 1

Dry Monmouth Has Booze Problems Source: Oregon Daily Journal June 18, 1969, page 2

Students Jame Courtroom In Monmouth Liquor Case Source: Oregon Statesman Febuary 7, 1970, section 1, page 9

The Strange Case Of The Monmouth 8 Source: Holland, Mike OCE Lamron Febuary 13, 1970, page 2

Bone-dry Monmouth depends on Independence Source: Capitol Journal August 7, 1974, section 2 page 14

Monmouth: Dry but proud Source: Lamron September 26, 1974, page 17

City Charter Needs Pro-Alcohol Revision Source: Lamron April 17, 1976

Liquor Petitions are Circulated Source: Polk Sun September 1, 1976, page 1

Alcohol Vote Faces Monmouth, State's Last Dry City Source: Wheeler, Cheryl The Oregon Statesman September 7, 1976, section A, page 1

To sell or not to sell Tradionally, I Source: Lockwood, Craig Sun Enterprise September 8, 1976, page 8

Monmouth goes "dry" Source: Sun Enterprise September 8, 1976

$20 riding on a no vote Source: Lockwood, Craig Polk Sun September 8, 1976, page 4

In response... WCTU will rally forces Source: Polk Sun September 8, 1976, page 8

Pussyfoot's coming... Source: Polk Sun September 8, 1976, page 8

Progressive? Source: Polk Sun September 8, 1976, page 8

Monmouth voters will have... Source: Polk Sun September 8, 1976, page 1