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Hamersly Library

Primo: Search & Results

An introduction to the Primo system for WOU students, faculty, and staff

Search Basics

  • Primo searches for all the words you type unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases.
  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) must be typed in uppercase letters.  
  • Searches with multiple Boolean operators are processed in this order: 
    • enclosed within parentheses ( )  
    • AND, left to right
    • NOT, left to right
    • OR, left to right
  • Wildcard characters are ? for a single character and * for unlimited characters

See the Primo Online Help file for more search techniques.

Limiting with Facets

Virtual Browse

This feature is only available for physical materials in Hamersly LIbrary!

Get It or View It

The Get It tab shows location & status of a physical item and whether it can be borrowed. When you sign-in, your loan period displays

View It tab links to full text. You must sign-in to access subscription content.

Details Tab

The Details section is where you will find subject terms, tables of contents and other descriptions, specifics on the physical object (how long is the book? Is it a DVD, VHS, or BluRay video?) and publication-related numbers such as ISBN, ISSN, and DOI.