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Primo: My Account

An introduction to the Primo system for WOU students, faculty, and staff

My Library ≥ Primo's My Account

Primo's My Account , in the upper right corner, logs your activity specific to Primo. It includes

  1. your active loans,
  2. your previous, completed loans,
  3. outstanding requests you've made for Primo items: holds, bookings, and Summit items,
  4. Primo items you saved (or "pinned") in previous sessions when you were signed in,
  5. Primo searches (or "queries") you saved in previous session when you were signed in,
  6. your search history for the current session only


My Library appears on the library's main page with the gold key icon. It presents all library-related activity where you must be signed into the WOU Portal. It draws some of its information from Primo, the rest of it from other systems the library uses: 

  1. your active loans, 
  2. outstanding requests you've made for Primo items and for Interlibrary Loans beyond Summit) 

Your Current Loans

The "Checked out" tab on My Account shows Hamersly, Summit, and Interlibrary Loan items checked out to you with their due dates. A Renew link is provided if appropriate for the item. 

The "Holds and Requests" tab lists items for which you have outstanding requests, not yet checked out to your account. 

Your Outstanding Requests


 1  We have pulled The Clown from the collection and you may pick it up from the Checkout Desk before the hold expires.

 2  We haven't yet pulled Clown Girl from the collection, but only you can currently check it out.

 3   You have reserved (booked) Finding Nemo for specific future dates. 

 4  You ordered Clown Scenes through Summit, and our partner library has shipped it to us. 

 A   You may cancel any request you've previously made, prior to checking the item out. 

 B   Expand the hold information to see the date you placed the hold, the request ID number, and longer titles.