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Hamersly Library

HST 427: Modern France: The 20th Century : Books

How to get a print book

Often WOU will have immediate access to the electronic edition of a book, but perhaps you want to trade in the convenience for the focus you can get with a print book. Here's how to make that happen: 

  1. Open the Details tab of the ebook record. 
  2. Click on the Author's name. 
  3. From the list of author's works, find the title you want with the book (not ebook) format. 
  4. Click on the Get It tab and then Request Item (about 5 days) to initiate a Summit loan.

Finding Books, E-books, and other material

Search for books, e-book, articles, and other material at Western Oregon University, Summit, and beyond. 



NOTE: You can read e-books on any computer or download to your digital device. See: Using eBooks @ WOU

Orbis-Cascade (SUMMIT): Libraries and locations 

Browsing Books

The majority of history books on France can be found on the 2nd floor of the library. Each book has a call number with a Library of Congress Classification number. If you would like to browse the History collection, go to one of the call number sections listed below:

Example of call number

Ds (2nd floor and reference)


DC 1-947: Histoire de France / History of France 

o   DC 60-109: Early-Medieval History

o   DC 110-433: Modern History

o   DC 131-138: 18th Century

o   DC 139-249: French Revolution and Napoleonic period

o   DC 251-354.9: 19th century

o   DC 361-424: 20th century

o   DC 425-433: 21st century


Visit Library of Congress Classification Online and select the appropriate class (letter) for a more detailed description of the system.

Selected Monographs (at Hamersly)

Selected Monographs (online)

Selected Monographs (from other libraries)