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Whose Voices Are Heard? Exploring the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement: Social Media

The online companion to A Black History Month display created in partnership with the students of Dr. Dana Schowalter’s COM 442: Communication and Social Change class

Social Media

Social media hashtags students identified as useful for exploring different voices in the BLM movement:

  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • #TakeAKnee
  • #soyouwantotalkaboutrace
  • #StandWithJamele

Protest sign: “White Women Voted for Trump"

Woman in Viral Photo From Women’s March to White Female Allies: "Listen to a Black Woman." Interview with Angela Peoples, the black woman in the above photo that went viral on social media. Peoples shares the story behind the photo and what it’s going to take for joint movements to work. Source: The Root