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Hamersly Library

Primo: Essential Info

An introduction to the Primo system for WOU students, faculty, and staff

Welcome to Primo

What is Primo?

Primo is the new library search tool used to find items in Hamersly Library and our partner Summit libraries, as well as some articles and other electronic resources.

Primo scopes allow you to define where your search is performed. You can select a scope in the drop-down menu right of the search box, or by selecting your desired scope under the search box on the main library home page.

Primo's three search scopes for WOU

What is included in each scope?

WOU: Books, e-books, audio-visual recordings, maps, scores, microforms, government documents, special collections, journals, magazines, and newspapers available on-site at Hamersly Library.

WOU and Summit: Everything in the WOU list above, plus the holdings of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest.

WOU, Summit, and Articles, etc.: Everything in the WOU and Summit lists above, as well as some full-text articles. This scope finds search terms in the full-article content.


WorldCat, Primo, and research databases are elements of a complete searchPrimo is one part of your complete search

Primo does not include all the content from the research databases to which WOU subscribes. For discipline-specific searching, use Hamersly Library’s Recommended Databases By Subject.

To search beyond the holdings of Summit libraries, use Worldcat. You can request materials from libraries around the world through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Why it's Important to Sign-in

Signing into Primo improves your experience in multiple ways:Sign into Primo with your WOU login

  • Access licensed resources. The library has ebooks and subscribes to databases of full-text articles that are available only for WOU students, faculty, & staff. When you sign in, you can search within and easily retrieve items from these resources.
  • Use library services. You can request an item from a Summit library be sent to Hamersly LIbrary, request a locally-owned item be held for you, or reserve a video for a specific future time.
  • Use Primo features. You can permanently save items or searches, be alerted when new material meeting your interests is added, and tag items with your own terminology.  
  • Manage your library account and set preferences. You can review & renew your current loans and personalize your search results