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Oregon Teacher Licensure Exam Preparation: Juniors and Transfer Students

What Juniors and Transfer Students Need to Know

Welcome to Western Oregon University's Teacher Education  Program!  As a Junior or a Transfer student, you have the unique experience of having many of your content and Pre-Education courses already completed.  These courses are significant and should have prepared you to understand much of the specific course content and learning methods you will need to be an exceptional teacher.

Because you will be taking your Teacher Licensure Exams this year, we recommend that all Juniors and Transfer students attend a general Teacher Licensure Exam Preparation workshop during new student week or as early as possible (if you haven't already attended one).  This workshop will help you understand the content you will need to be studying, how to prepare, and how to register and take your exams.

You need to pass ALL of your content exams before you can apply to the Professional Licensure Program, so it is important that you study and prepare during the Fall term, then take your exams Winter term so you will meet the early Spring deadline for applying.

For more details about which exams you will be taking, how to access preparation materials, and how to register for your exams, use the Quick Reference Guide.

Junior Checklist:

  • Fall Term- do a thorough review of your content and prepare to take your exam.
  • Take a practice exam to assure you are well prepared for your exam.
  • Ask the tutoring center, classmates, or professors to assist you if you do not understand any of the content.
  • Winter Term- take your content exam(s) and keep a paper copy and PDF back-up of your passing score(s) to submit with your Teacher Licensure Program application at the end of the term.
  • Retakes are allowed, but you must pay an additional fee and wait 30 days in between exams.
  • REMEMBER, you must pass all required exams prior to applying to the Teacher Licensure Program.