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.Chemistry Subject Guide: Databases and Indexes

Databases and Indexes

ChemFinder (Cambridge Soft) Searchable by common or chemical name, molecular weight, molecular formula, evaporation rate, structure, or CAS registry number. Includes pertinant information such as melting, boiling and flash points, RTECS, DOT and EPA codes, specific gravity, solubility, vapor density, and structure for a variety of compounds. Also contains links for each compound.

ChemIDplus Povides access to structure and nomenclature information for the identification of chemical substances cited in NLM databases. The database contains over 379,000 chemical records, of which over 257,000 include chemical structures. ChemIDplus Lite is available for Name and RN searching without the need for plugins or applets.

PubChem PubChem consists of three linked databases that contain the chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities.