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A quick guide to options for getting textbooks at WOU.

Getting Textbooks

There are a few different ways you might be able to get a physical copy of the textbook for your class here at WOU:

Borrow from the library

  • Some textbooks are available in the library - either via course reserve (4 hour checkout) or regular checkout (6 weeks + 1 renewal). Check to see if Hamersly has your textbook.
    • Only *some* textbooks are available on course reserve. 
    • To check out a print copy of a textbook on reserve, write down the call number and take it to the Checkout Desk in Hamersly Library.
    • The loan time of items on course reserve varies from four hours to seven days.
    • If the book you need isn't available at WOU, change your search scope to "WOU and Summit" to see if one of our partner Summit libraries owns it.
    • The loan time of books from WOU is 6 weeks + 1 renewal (12 weeks total). The loan time of Summit books is 6 weeks with no renewals.
    • Availability is limited, so search early in the term!

WOU Bookstore


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