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Hamersly Library

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Basic Information about the Hamersly Library for new students and employees

Technical Services

Technical Services, Systems & Archives
Technical Services, Systems & Archives is in the
southeast corner, next to the stairs, in room 209


Technical Services Staff:

  • Technical Services, Archives and Systems Librarians
  • Acquisitions Technician
  • Cataloging Technicians
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Serials and Electronic Management Technician
Technical Services and Systems services include:
  • Acquisitions – Ordering/purchasing, receiving, and initial processing of library materials
  • Cataloging library materials (recording material in library catalog, assigning call numbers), withdrawing items and repairing damaged items.
  • Physical processing of library materials for use by patrons (affixing call numbers, laminating paperback books, adding security strips, etc.)
  • Mending and repairing library materials
  • Articles on Demand support – mediating requested articles  for Library patrons.


Archives services include:
  • Coordinating library events
  • Providing library instruction, including library tours
  • Soliciting, installing, maintaining, and removing exhibits
  • Overseeing building and room furnishings, equipment maintenance and supplies
  • Monitoring library signage




Exhibits are found throughout the library
and vary in size, duration, and material types