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Basic Information about the Hamersly Library for new students and employees

First Floor


First Floor




 The Information and Reference Desk

Information services include:

  • Answering and routing telephone calls
  • Issuing guest parking permits
  • Helping patrons with general library and campus questions
  • Assisting with basic computer and printing technical problems
  • Assisting with staff and faculty member needs

Reference services include:

  • Answering detailed study and research questions
  • Instructing patrons on the use of library resources and materials


The Checkout & Reserves Desk

Checkout & Reserves services include:
  • Checking in and out materials
  • Processing course reserves
  • Helping patrons use equipment or locate materials
 located throughout the first floor
Virtual Machines
VMWare computers are connected directly to WOU servers 
and allow access to a wider variety of programs than the physical PCs. These computers are currently found behind the reference desk, near the copy center, and within classroom HL108.


Physical PCs/Macs
Two Mac computers are available for student use on the East side of the library. There is a PC available in the copy center hooked up to a Microfiche reader.



KIC Scanner
The KIC overhead scanner is located behind the Information Desk and is available for student use.


The Copy Center
Located here are a combination copier/scanner, a digital microform reader, and two traditional microform readers.


The map collection is located along the wall south of the reference computers.


The Reference Collection
Begins at the low shelves and continues along the eastern shelves



"Recreational" Reading Collection
"Recreational Reading" collection items are primarily available in the Learning Commons area. Other recreational books can be found on the wall outside HL 107, near the Public Services entrance, and in The Press, where current magazines and newspapers are also available.


Newspapers & Journals
Current and back issues of newspapers are in the last row of the Reference Collection.
The Journal collection containing titles A-I, begins at the center of the floor and extends to the northwest.
A sign is posted at the end of each stack listing the periodical titles shelved in that aisle



The Audio-Visual (A-V) Collection
DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes are all available in the Audio-Visual Collection located in the Northwest section of the floor, in the rows preceding the Recreational Reading collection area.


Microforms (microfilm and microfiche)
located north of the Checkout Desk near the west Reference Computers


Classrooms HL107 and HL108
located at the south end of the floor. Both smart classrooms are available for reservation. HL 108 is also available for general use when not reserved.

HL 106 (The 24-Hour Room)
A student lounge is in the west entrance vestibule, and also doubles as a classroom for instructional use.
Available for 24-hour student use are computers, a printer, vending machines and a unisex restroom.

The Lounge also houses a Sorenson VRS video phone. This video phone is especially useful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.



The Learning Commons
The Learning Commons (LC) is located  at the north end of the first floor and houses a collection of mobile furniture, whiteboards, and tables for group study use.



The Press
(Library Coffee Shop)
The Press is located at the far North side of the building