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Basic Information about the Hamersly Library for new students and employees

Second Floor

Second Floor Overview


2nd Floor Exhibit Area

 Periodical Collection, titles J-Z
located on the west side of the main walkway

Call numbers A-F of the General Book Collection
located on the east side of the main walkway


U.S./Oregon Government Documents
Contains the bulk of US and Oregon government documents held in the library



The Juvenile Book Collection
located at the north-end of the 2nd floor in the alcove. Juvenile Non-fiction items are located outside of the Digital Media Center (DMC)


Oregon Adopted Institutional Materals (OAIM) and Curriculum sections

Occupying the Northwest section of the 2nd floor, the OAIM collections consists of materials which are currently being used in K-12 schools. The Curriculum section consists of materials that -were- once used in K-12 schools. OAIM materials may not leave the library without special consent from the Education Librarian.


The Digital Media Center
Is located in the Northeast corner of the second floor.

Scott's office is in room 220, 221 is an audio recording room, and 222 is a video recording room. Keys for these rooms are available at the checkout desk. There is also an open lab area with Macs and PCs available for use and technology tutors on staff to assist with student projects. For more information, see

A Computer Alcove
is located on the southwest side and contains 9 computer stations.
It also houses the HL-Alcove printer



Administrative Services
is located in the southwest corner hallway. Here you will find supplies to restock the front desk.


The Staff Lounge
is at the south end of the floor, behind the stairs.

This lounge is for use by library staff.