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.Public Policy and Administration Subject Guide: Books

A guide to information resources for political science classes and others interested in public policy.

Finding and Accessing Books

While doing public policy research you'll spend much of your time consulting journals, databases and websites, but books can also be valuable resources. This page will help you create effective searches, search the library's catalog, and retrieve the books you find in the catalog.

Click on the links below to help you with the following tasks:

Create an Effective Search
Search the Library's Catalog

Retrieve the Books You Find in the Catalog

Create an Effective Search

Try building a search using these three types of keywords:




Tribe Keyword Examples  Public Policy Keyword Examples People OR Place Keyword Examples
     Tlingit Indians      Alaska--      Latinos/Latinas
     AIDS      Political Aspects      Physicians
     Euthanasia      Government Policy      United States
     Higher Education      Social Policy      Europe
     Immigration      Government and Politics      Oregon
     Poverty         Policy Science      Rural/Urban
     Unemployment      Public Administration      Native Americans

Search Examples:

Euthanasia + Public Policy + United States

Poverty + Public Administration + Oregon

Unemployment + Government Policy + Rural

                                                                                                                  Go to Search the Library's Catalog


Search the Library's Catalog

1. Go to the library's home page.

2. Click on the "Advanced Search" button.











3. Click "Search for: Everything." Click "Search Scope: WOU and Summit."
Enter your search terms (see "Create an Effective Search" for help).

Click "Search" (with magnifying glass).

















4. Limit your search to Print Books and eBooks by clicking the check boxes.




















Go to How to Retrieve the Books You Find in the Catalog