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DigitalCommons@WOU User's Guide

This guide provides information about DigitalCommons@WOU, Western Oregon University's digital repository for collecting, managing, preserving and providing access to the research and scholarship of the WOU community.

Before submitting to DigitalCommons@WOU

Before you submit your oral history to DigitalCommons at WOU, please do the following:

1. Insert the interviewee's photograph into the Word transcript file.

Open the Word document that you want to insert a photo into.

Click the place in your document where you want the picture to appear.

Access the "Insert Picture" dialog box.

Browse to the photo you want to insert.

Click the file, then click "Insert."

Modify the picture as necessary.;

2. Name your files using the following convention:

[FirstnameLastname]_OralHistoryInterview_[YYYY]           Example: KevinHughes_OralHistoryTranscript_2015

[FirstnameLastname]_OralHistoryAudio_[YYYY]                Example: KevinHughes_OralHistoryAudio_2016

3. Determine the duration of the audio file.

Right click on the audio file. Look under "Properties,"  "Get Info," or something similar. The duration should be listed.

Use this format: 00:00:00                                                    Example:  00:16:10 would be 16 minutes and 10 seconds.

4. Create an account with DigitalCommons@WOU (

Submitting to DigitalCommons@WOU

1. Go to Oral Histories of Western Oregon University.

2. Click on "Submit Research" under "Author Corner" on right side of page.

3. Fill out each text box (both red and black) as instructed on the page.

4. Title: Enter the name of the interviewee and date in this format: [Name of the interviewee] Interview [YYYY]

Example: Mark Henkels Interview 2015

5. Interviewer: Add additional authors and emails using green "+" sign.

6. Interviewee: Enter the interviewee's first and last names.

Example: Mark Henkels

7. Interview Date: Enter the date the interview was conducted.

8. Type: Enter Text; Sound

9. File Format: Enter PDF; MP3

10. Duration of Interview and Transcript: Use the following format: [# of pages] p.: [HourHour:MinuteMinute:SecondSecond]

Example: 00:15:32

11. Keywords: Enter Oral Histories, Western Oregon University, Archives

12. Type (DCMI Terms): Skip. For library use only

13. Language:  Enter Eng

14. Description: Provide a sentence or two describing the interview.

Example: In a short interview, Sharyne Ryals discusses her experiences
working as the Administrative Program Assistant as a part of the Social Science
Division at Western Oregon.  She describes her responsibilities and interactions
with students. She also explains how she arrived at Western Oregon University
as well as her previous work at a chip manufacturing plant.

15. Series: Skip. Information automatically entered by software platform.

16. Rights: Skip. Information automatically entered by software platform.

17. Creative Commons License: Click "Creative Commons" link to read more about Creative Commons Licenses. You may choose
      a license, or you can skip this field.

18. Disciplines: Open Humanities > History > Oral History.

19. Recommended Citation: Build a citation using the following format: [Interviewee First and Last Name], interviewed by [names of interviewers], Western Oregon University Oral Histories, Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University, [Month DD, YYYY]

Example: Mark Henkels, interviewed by Benjamin Kirchner, Jordan Farley,
Shawnee Garza, and Connor I Frisby, Western Oregon University Oral Histories,
Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University, November 2, 2015.

20. Upload File: Upload the transcript.

21. Additional Files: Check the box so you can upload the audio file.

22. Click "Submit."

23. Upload Supplemental Content. Browse your computer for the audio file.

24. Description: Use the following format for the file description: [Interviewee Last Name] Oral History Sound File

Example: Henkels Oral History Sound File

25. Click "Save."

26. Click "Continue."

27. You're done! The library will review your submission and upload it. You'll receive an email with the resulting url after it's uploaded.