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DigitalCommons@WOU User's Guide

This guide provides information about DigitalCommons@WOU, Western Oregon University's digital repository for collecting, managing, preserving and providing access to the research and scholarship of the WOU community.

Naming your files

Before you submit your paper to DigitalCommons@WOU, please name your files using the following convention:




For Your Paper: You can submit a word doc (.doc, .docx), rich text format (.rtf), or a portable document format (.pdf).

For Your Presentation: You should submit both a .pdf (Primary File) and a .ppt or .pptx (Additional File).


If you have a different filetype than one of those please contact one of the following:; Sue Kunda (503-838-8893); Stewart Baker (503-838-8890).

Creating an account in DigitalCommons@WOU

Follow the instructions below to create an account in DigitalCommons@WOU:

1. Go to DigitalCommons@WOU.

2. Click on the "My DC" link.

3. Click on the "Sign up" link. 

4. Fill out the form and click "Create Account". 

5. You'll see a message like this:

6. You should receive an email similar to this one. Click on the "Confirm Account" button.

7. You should now have an account with DigitalCommons@WOU.

Questions? Contact one of the following:; Stewart Baker (503-838-8890); Sue Kunda (503-838-8893)

Submitting to DigitalCommons@WOU

1. Go to Student Theses, Papers, and Projects (History).

2. Click on "Submit Research" under "Author Corner" on left side of page.

3. Fill out each text box as instructed on the page.

4. Title: Enter the title of your work, capitalizing only the important words.

5. Author(s): Add all authors. Additional authors can be added to the submission using the green "+" sign.

6. Date: Enter the date.

7. Faculty Advisor: Enter your faculty mentor's first and last name only. Do not use any titles or other distinctions such as Dr, Professor, or PhD. Enter additional faculty mentors' names in the additional boxes.

8. Degree Name: Enter the name of your degree.

8. Abstract/Description: Copy and paste your abstract into the text box.

9. Type: Choose the type from the dropdown box. If your primary file is a paper, choose "Paper". If your primary file is a PowerPoint presentation, choose "Presentation".

10. Type (DCMI Terms): For library use only.

11. Keywords: Enter up to 5 keywords and/or phrases that describe the paper's topic.

12. Language: Enter the three letter code for the language. English = eng.

13.  Disciplines: Open Arts and Humanities > History > Choose the discipline that best fits your topic. You can leave it at "History" if none of the disciplines fit your topic very well.

14. Rights Statement URL: Choose "In Copyright" from the dropdown box.

15. Rights Statement: Substitute the correct information for all bracketed items in the statement in the text box. Use today's date, your name and your WOU email address.

16. Recommended Citation: Leave blank. Citation will be automatically generated.

17. Upload File: Upload the digital file of your paper. If you're not uploading a paper, upload your .pdf presentation here.


18. Additional Files: Use this if you have an additional file to deposit with your paper or presentation (e.g., powerpoint presentation).

19. Click "Submit". Click only once.

A screen similar to the one below should pop up. It may take a little while. Please don't click "Submit" again. If you need to go in and make revisions, you can do that by clicking on the "Revise submission" button and follow the "Revising your submission" instructions.


21. You're done! The library will review your submission and upload it. You'll receive an email with the resulting url after it's uploaded.

Questions? Contact one of the following:; Sue Kunda (503-838-8893); Stewart Baker (503-838-8890).