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.Music Subject Guide

Recommended library and web resources for the study of music.

Age matters

When was your target piece first published? In 2020, items published 1924 and earlier are in the public domain; in 2021, creations from 1925 enter the public domain, etc. Try to find it online as a digitized score. 


Song indexes

Printed scores in Hamersly and other libraries

Use Primo to find scores held in Hamersly Library and its regional partners (Summit). On your search results screen, use the Resource Type: Scores filter. 

Search tips: 

  • Use quotation marks around a standard number to search it as a phrase: "hwv 1", "K. 620", "RV 549". Do the same with an opus number but add the composer's name to the search: hindemith "op. 8".
  • Lots of false hits? Use the Author/Creator filter to select the composer.

To search in libraries beyond Summit, use WorldCat with the Format: Musical Score filter.  The same search tips apply as with Primo. 

In Anthologies, Series, and Editions

Digital Scores Collections

Online sheet music and performance editions

Online retailers & Publishers

Other catalogues