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Titles of scores and recordings that include Edvard Grieg's Op. 8: 

The single work, variously published in English

  • Sonata for piano and violin (no. 1) in F, op. 8
  • Sonata no. 1 for piano and violin, op. 8
  • Sonatas for violin and piano : no. 1. op. 8, no. 2 op. 13, no. 3 op. 45
  • Sonata in F major
  • Violin sonata No.1, in F major,  Op. 8

Published in a foreign language

  • Fiolinsonate nr. 1 F-dur, opus 8
  • Sonate für Pianoforte und Violine, op. 8
  • [F dur] für Pianoforte und Violine. Op. 8.
  • Sonate Nr. 1 F-Dur für Violine und Klavier
  • Sonate für Klavier und Violine, opus 8

Within collections of Grieg's work

  • Sonates pour violone et piano
  • The three violin sonatas
  • Die drei Sonaten für Violine und Klavier
  • Violinsonaten
  • Complete sonatas for violin and piano
  • Grieg edition: chamber music
  • Leonid Kogan. Vol. X, Eduard Grieg
  • Violin sonatas
  • USA-USSR Cultural Exchange Program: program of Grieg violin sonatas
  • Samlede verker = Gesamtausgabe = Complete works

Within collections of multiple composers

  • Violin sonatas : the ultimate collection [variety of composers]
  • Music for violin and piano 
  • Patriots: sonatas for violin and piano
  • Intégrale de la musique de chambre
  • Prelude: classical favorites for relaxing and dreaming
  • Victor Danchenko plays virtuoso music for violin
  • Oistrakh


  • Sonate no 1 op. 8 en Fa majeur (1865) pour flûte et piano
  • Solos for the tenor saxophone player with piano accompaniment
  • Sonata : bassoon solo with piano accompaniment
  • Three concerti for violin and chamber orchestra
  • Klaververker for fire hender: originalkomposisjoner og arrangementer av egne verker
  • Vibraphone, piano

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