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Information Literacy Program at Western Oregon University

Information Literacy Program Assessment 

Quarterly Instruction Statistics Reports
Our instruction statistics form is filled out by each librarian for each instruction they complete, regardless of format. This form is the central place where we gather various types and levels of data about our teaching, including number of students served, session type, session format, session length, etc. We collate this data on a quarterly basis and provide it to the LAI Dean. 

ACRL and IPEDS Statistics 
The library as a whole reports data and statistics to Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Because this required data includes workshops and sessions given to faculty, staff, and student organizations taught by non-instruction librarians, we have a separate instruction survey to capture instruction-specific data and incorporate it into our overall library report to IPEDS and ACRL.

Library accreditation report narrative
LAI as a whole contributes to WOU's accreditation reports on an annual basis. As part of this report, every year the instruction librarians draft a narrative describing a summary of the year's instruction activities, successes, and challenges. We also describe any changes we have made to the program over the year to adapt to these successes and challenges. This narrative is then provided to the LAI Dean so that it can be worked into the larger accreditation report coming from LAI.

In addition to the above reports, we are in process of developing qualitative assessments that Instruction Librarians will use throughout the year to assess and improve their teaching.