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Hamersly Library

Information and Reference Desk: Checkout

For students and staff of the information/reference desk

Check Out Procedure

Check Out Procedure

A.  Circulating items:

  1. Patrons must have ID with a barcode to check out library materials:
    • WOU Students, Faculty and Staff must have a WOU ID card using their University ID number (Vnumber). Students must be currently registered.
    • If WOU Students, Faculty, Staff do not have their WOU ID card they may print off their V-number barcode and show a picture ID to check out library materials. They may print off their barcode by visiting the library homepage, clicking on my library, logging in with their username and password, and clicking on print my barcode.
    • Upward bound students may checkout Hamersley Library materials only; however some items are non-circulating.
    • Special borrowers must have a current card.
    • Students, Faculty, and Staff from other Summit sites will need to fill out the Summit Visiting Patron application.
    • Students, Faculty, and Staff from non-summit colleges & universities in Oregon can apply for a Special Borrower card with a term by term expiration date.
  2. In ALMA, click on the Alma blue tab and under FULFILLMENT go to Checkout/Checkin and click on Manage Patron Services
  3. Scan the barcode on the patron's card.
  4. Scan the barcodes from the items to be checked out, watching the due dates that appear on the screen.
    NOTE: If an item does not have a barcode, you will need to use the instructions in the ON-THE-FLY Notebook.            
  5. For Summit items, stamp or write the due date on the band.
  6. Desensitize the items, except for VHS & Cassettes.


B.        RESERVES

Reserves are accessed in the Catalog by clicking on the Reserves button; then searching by professor or course number.
The patron will need to bring the call number to the desk.  Scratch paper is provided at the kiosk.  When a professor places an item on reserve, they choose the length of check out and the items are marked with the appropriate colored tape or put in a colored folder.

                        4 hour                                                             WHITE  

                        24 hour (1 day) usage:                                YELLOW

                        72 hour (3 day) usage:                                BLUE  

                        7 day usage:                                                  ORANGE


  1. The patron needs to bring the call number to the desk.  You may need to show the patron how to find the Reserve lists on the kiosk.
  2. Locate the item in the Reserve Collection.
  3. Scan patron’s barcode & item barcodes as you would for regular items.
  4. Look at the screen for the date & time due. Verbally tell the patron the time & date due and if it is ‘For use in library only’.  Reserve overdues are .50 cents per hour so we want to make sure the patron knows when to return it.
  5. The patron may check out a reserve item for an extended time if they have a signed note from the professor who placed the item on reserve. Place the note in the forms drawer in the “Reserves Exceptions” file.



For more details on the interlibrary loan process, see the Interlibrary Loan section.

Items that are borrowed from other institutions for our patrons need to have temporary records created in Alma in order to be checked out on our system. The ILL Dept. creates the record using an ON-THE-FLY system.

When an item has been received from another institution for a WOU patron, the item will be shelved on the hold shelves, in alphabetical order by the patron's last name. 

When a patron is checking out their interlibrary loan items:

  1.  Locate the items on the Hold-shelf which are in last name order.
  2. Scan the patron’s WOU identification card then scan the barcode on the ILL sticker.  (Click OK when problem screen pops                         up).                                                                         
  3. Click on ‘Change Due Date’; change the date due to match the date written on the ILL sticker.   Note: patron should not have item past their Alma patron expiration date; ask a supervisor for details about this.
  4. Desensitize the item. Give the item to the patron.  Verbally show them the date due on the ILL sticker.  Explain how they can request                          renews using the My Library feature.



  1. DO NOT DESENSITIZE the item. 
  2. Tell them that the item is for IN-LIBRARY USE only and ask them to let us know when they return the item to the desk if they no longer
    need the item so that we do not send it back before they are finished using it.
    When the item is brought back: 
  4. If the patron still needs the item, place the item back on the Hold shelf.
  5. If the patron no longer needs the item, check it in as usual.



 Reference Items are for IN-LIBRARY use only.  However, there are some occasions that a Reference Item may be checked out for a short period of time.  Check out must be authorized by a Reference Librarian, and the due date is determined by a Reference Librarian.  If a reference book is authorized for check out by a Reference Librarian, they will tell you and let you know when the book is due back.  To allow for a reference book to be checked out you will have set the due date.

 To check out a Reference Item:

  1. Scan the patron's card.
  2. Scan the barcode from the reference item.
  3. “Item is for library use only;  override?  Y/N”  Select  [Y]es. 
  4. “Loan rule says “non-circulating”  override?  Y/N”  Select [Y]es
  5. The due date always comes up as today’s date.
    If the Reference staff member okays the item to be checked out for a longer period of time you will need to change the due date to match; click on ‘Change due date’ then enter your initials and password; then enter the new due date. 
  6. Verbally tell the patron the due date and let them know they will be getting an email with the due date.
  7. Desensitize the item.

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Check In Procedure

Check In Procedure

Items can be returned to the Library in the book drop by the checkout desk or to either of the outside book drops. There is one outside the East and West entrances of the building. Sometimes patrons will leave items or reserves on the counter when they are returning them. These will need to be removed from the counter as soon as possible so that they are not taken by another patron before they are checked in.  Reserves only have a 15-minute grace period and must be check in soon after returned.

All materials checked out on the Alma are checked in with the same procedures (i.e. books, reserves, Summit books, etc.).


GENERAL GUIDELINE: If in doubt of the status of an item, check it in on Alma.


  1. Gather items from the book drops.
  2. Log into Alma using your WOU login.
  3. Click on the ‘Blue Alma button and select Return Items under the Fulfillment Section.’
  4. Use the ‘Change Return Date’ button feature when emptying the book drops during an opening shift.  Backdate to the date that the library was last open.
    Note: For RESERVE items that are in the book drops, always backdate to yesterdays date or the date the library was last open.
  5. Scan the barcode from the items making sure you watch the screen for any prompts.
  6. The screen will display any special condition for the item. Respond to the prompts on the screen as directed:
  7.  If the item is on hold for another patron; Click on the blue Alma button and go to Scan in Items. Leave the settings as they are and scan the items barcode. Write down the name that shows up and place it in the book. Then place the item on the correct shelf in alphabetical order.
    NOTE: Watch for ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE HOLDS. Place these books on the ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE HOLDS shelf.
  8. Click ‘Exit’ when all items have been scanned in.
  9. Place the items on the sorting shelf.



  1. Scan the ILL barcode and when the message pops up go ahead and click override.
  2. Place the item in the INTERLIBRARY LOAN RETURN box.


SUMMIT ITEMS (Items with a white book band or sticker):

  1. Scan the barcode
  2. Stamp ‘Thank you’ on bookband/sticker.
  3. Place in Summit Return box.



  • If the item is from another library and the screen displays : “No item found with barcode”
  • If it is from a summit library, search in Resource Sharing for a record.  If found, fill out a yellow summit return form.
  • If the item was not in Alma fill out a green summit return form. Place form inside the item closest to where the barcode is. Place item in Summit Return box to return it to owning library.
  • If it is not from a summit library, fill out the slip in front of the ILL return box and place it in the ILL box.

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Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout

Checking for all parts and pieces as indicated in the record.  Take your time and verbally account for all that is supposed to be there. 

If you do not know what a certain part looks like, ASK.  Ask the patron, ask the Ref or Info person, or do a Google search for the part to get a visual. 

If there is any part missing when the patron returns the item, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.  Tell the patron, “I’m sorry but the item remains on your account until ALL PARTS are here”

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Special Borrowers

Special Borrowers

To become a Special Borrower, an applicant must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Area Resident:  Individuals living in Polk, Yamhill, Marion, Linn or Benton counties are eligible for a Special Borrower Card.
    • Resident must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Western Oregon University/Western Oregon State College/Oregon College of Education/Oregon Normal School Alumni.
  3. Oregon Military Academy participant.
  4. Spouse of WOU faculty or staff (not student spouse).
  5. Current student, faculty, or staff member of another college located in one of the counties listed above.  [Corban College or Linn-Benton Community College].


Special Borrowers must observe the following policies:

  1. General, juvenile, document, K-12, and recreational book collection material may be checked out for a 6-week period. Audiovisual materials may be checkout for a 1-week period. Borrowers may not borrow mid-high value equipment, reference, OAIM, Career, or 'course reserve' materials.
  2. The Special Borrower Card is not transferable.
  3. Cards are renewable on their expiration date if the patron has no outstanding fines/charges or unreturned items.
  4. Courtesy notices are sent only via email.
  5. Interlibrary loan and Summit borrowing are not available to Special Borrowers. 
  6. It is the responsibility of the card holder to notify the library immediately of any change of name, address, telephone number, or email.
  7. Items must be returned to this library. Book drops are located outside the East & West entrances and 1 inside the building. Return receipts are sent through email.
  8. Fines for overdue items are set at the rate of $0.50 per item per day, maximum $20.00 per item.  Special Borrowers should pay their fines/fees at the Cashiers window in the WOU Administration Building as they are assessed and billed.
  9. Privileges are suspended if total unpaid charges reach $10.00 and remain suspended until they are paid.  You may be asked to show a receipt of payment for verification. 
  10. If an overdue item has reached 40 days overdue and has not been returned, the patron is billed for the replacement of the item in addition to the fine:

                         Replacement fee:                $75.00

                        Processing fee:                    $20.00

                        Fine:                                   $20.00


If the item is returned before a replacement has been ordered or within one year of the due date, whichever comes first, the replacement cost and processing fee of $95.00 is refunded.  The overdue fine continues to be the responsibility of the Special Borrower.  Borrowing privileges are suspended until the item is returned and all fines/fees are paid.
If the item has not been returned within one year or is returned after a replacement item has been ordered, the full assessment must be paid.

Renewals are possible if not on hold for another borrower.

  • Items can be renewed once: phone & online renewals are allowed. 
  • (Items are subject to recall if needed by WOU students, staff or faculty.)

Hamersly Library web page:

Hover over Accounts and then click on Summit Visiting & Community Patrons.

WOU Username: enter V-number, C-number, or barcode

Password: enter last name


Click Renew button for each item you wish to renew.


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Fines & Fees

Overdue and Other Fines

WOU circulating books $.50 per item per day
WOU periodicals, AV materials $.50 per item per day
Reserve materials and equipment (except equipment) $.50 per item per hour
Summit loans $.50 per item per day
Interlibrary loans $1 per item per day
Lost or damaged material (except equipment) Up to $115 per item

Fines are billed through the University’s Business Office and can be paid at the Cashier’s window in the WOU Administration building during regular business hours.

Appealing Charges

If you think the library has made an error that resulted in a financial charge, or if you have a unique situation that made it difficult for you to return or renew materials on time, you may file an appeal. Charges may be upheld, reduced, or waived.

The following reasons are generally not regarded as valid for canceling or reducing charges:

  • Forgetting or not knowing due dates, amount of fines, or library policy
  • Disagreeing with fee structure or library policy
  • Loaning the item to a third party
  • Being too busy or out of town
  • Claiming that your need was greater than another’s or that you were not done with the item
  • Not receiving or not reading a courtesy overdue reminder
  • Transportation problems
  • Financial problems

Appeal forms are available electronically or at the Checkout Desk. Return the form to the Checkout Desk or attach it to an email addressed to Please file the appeal within 60 days of the charge notification from the WOU business office. The appeal decision will be made within two weeks of filing the form, and you will be notified by email.

Appeal decisions are made by the Public Services Librarian and library staff. The committee takes into consideration your appeal statement, applicable data from the library’s circulation system, and previous communication you had with the library, as well as your historic record of library fines. If you wish, the initial decision may be appealed to the Dean of Hamersly Library.