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Ebooks @ WOU: EBL eBooks

Using the ebook collections at WOU.


Thank you to Duke University for graciously allowing re-use of some of the content from their guide.


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For the most comprehensive information about EBL eBooks, please use the EBL User's Guide.

Notable features of EBL eBooks include:

  • Annotation - make notes and highlight in the eBook.
  • Search results show availability options for that eBook - read online and download
  • Return an eBook early, via Adobe Digital Editions
  • The Search EBL option allows you to search across the available EBL eBook collection

Simultaneous Users

EBL books that are part of the shared Orbis Cascade collection do not have a limit on simultaneous users.

Printing and Downloading

Printing portions of an EBL eBook:

WOU users may print 64 pages of a checked out book, per online reading session.

In addition, there is a 16 page “copy” limit per online reading session*. That is, you may copy-and-paste up to 16 pages in a single session.

EBL's general rule of thumb regarding copying and printing downloaded books is this: Patrons can print up to 20% of an ebook’s total content and can copy and paste up to 5%. (Source: EBL Reader's Guide Section 4.4.5, Table 5 Activity Allowances on Borrowed Books.)    Note, this rule applies to a book downloaded by a patron for the first time. Subsequent downloads offer less printing and copying allowances.

While browsing an EBL book online, one may not copy or print any portion of the book. There is a ten-minute browse limit, after which you will be asked to check out the book. You will be viewing 5 pages at a time while browsing online, and to view other portions ofthe book, use the toolbar functions.

Downloading chapters or entire eBooks from EBL:

Adobe Digital Editions
You may read EBL eBooks on your computer using the Adobe Digital Editions Program or on an iOS or Android device using a compatible app. For instance, the app Bluefire will allow ePub formatted books protected by Adobe Digital Rights Manager to be loaded on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. For this to work, your mobile device must also be authorized with your Adobe Digital Editions ID.

*To read an EBL book online, as opposed to reading it offline after downloading it, you must have Adobe Reader installed and activated.