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Ebooks @ WOU: Axis 360 - Recreational Books

Using the ebook collections at WOU.


Thank you to Duke University for graciously allowing re-use of some of the content from their guide.

Quick Start - get reading now!

Bring the library with you. Borrow free eBooks and Audiobooks from our library!Hamersly now has digital books as a part of our Recreational Reading Collection through Axis 360. 

Our digital recreational collection includes both ebooks and audiobooks that you can access via Primo, WOU's Axis360 website, or the Axis 360 app.

For now, eBooks and audiobooks through Axis 360 are available for checkout for three weeks and you can checkout a total of three digital books at once. We may expand these checkout policies as we grow this collection. 

This page shows you how to access these new digital books.




Digital recreational books can be found in Primo, either through keyword searching or by conducting an Advanced Search for only items in the WOU library with the phrase "Axis 360" (see screenshot below).

Searching for digital recreational books in Primo

WOU's Axis 360 website is a better browsing experience than viewing the books through Primo, so if you plan to use this collection often, bookmark this page for easy access: This page is also where you can easily see the newest books that have been added to the collection, and where you can manage your checked out books, wish list, reviews, recommend books, and more.

New books on the Axis 360 website 

If you'd like to access these books on your phone or tablet, in addition to going to the website above, you can download the Axis 360 app. Just search for "Axis 360" in your app store. The first time you use the app, you'll need to sign in through the WOU proxy with your WOU ID and password, but after that first time the app should remember you. 

Axis 360 in the app store

Axis 360 Website and Mobile App Overview

For a more detailed overview of how to use WOU's Axis 360 website and/or app, watch the 10-minute video below:

Top Tips

1) Checking out. Small icons in the upper left-hand corner of each book tell you whether the book is an ebook (open book symbol) or an audiobook (headphones symbol). In order to checkout a book, simply click "Checkout" underneath the cover image.

ebook or audiobook and checkout button

2) Available Now. To sort books so that you see what is currently available for checkout first, choose the "Available Now" menu option in the pulldown menu on the upper right-hand side of WOU's Axis 360 website. 

available now

3) Request books. If you search for a book we don't have available digitally yet, you can request we buy it by clicking "Recommend" underneath the cover image in your search results. If you want to be notified when we get it (and be the first in line to check it out!) make sure to also put it on hold after recommending.


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