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Ebooks @ WOU: ebrary

Using the ebook collections at WOU.


Thank you to Duke University for graciously allowing re-use of some of the content from their guide.


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 For the most comprehensive information about ebrary eBooks, please consult the ebrary user's guide.

Notable features of ebrary eBooks include:

  • Automatic citations when text is printed or copied and pasted into any text application.
  • Citation styles supported include MLA, APA, ACW (Alliance for Computers and Writing) and ebrary style.
  • URL linking to specific pages or highlighted sections.
  • Personal bookshelf automatically stores links to highlights, notes, and more.
  • Can email folders of contents from the personal bookshelf..

Simultaneous Users

While most titles you will encounter in ebrary can be used by multiple people at the same time, there are some titles and publishers that limit the number of simultaneous viewers. You can determine which you are looking at by looking to the right of the blue ebrary reader button in QuickView:

  • If it says "Unlimited-user Title" there is no limit to the number of people who can view it at the same time.
  • If it says "Limited-user Title" only 1-5 people (usually 1, though this sometimes varies) can view it at the same.
    If the book you are looking at is assigned for a class, please be courteous to your classmantes and consider printing (or saving to PDF) the pages you need so that others may access it.

Printing and Downloading

Copying & Printing portions of an ebrary eBook:

ebrary and the book publishers limit the amount that you can quickly copy and print from the ebooks. The limits are percentages of the number of pages in the book.  In general, the limits are as follows. 

  • Online Allowances (per book, per user session)
    • Copy = 15%
      • Copying multiple selections from a page counts as one copy
    • Print = 30%
      • Print to paper or print to PDF (aka chapter download)
  • Offline allowances (from ADE or Bluefire, once you’ve full-downloaded)
    • Copy = 10%
    • Print = 10%

Downloading  eBooks from ebrary. Choose a format:

Full book downloads are available for most ebrary titles. For titles from publishers who don't allow full book downloads, you can download the chapters or page ranges you need in PDF format. You must wait 30 seconds between chapters/ranges you download. A list of publishers who currently do not allow full text downloads is available here.

  • PDF  (downloads a portion of the book)
    You can download the book in PDF format by chapter or in a range of up to 60 pages at a time to your computer to be read there or to any other device that can read an Adobe Digital Editions .pdf file. Users may often also download entire books, if this function is allowed for that title, as determined by the publisher.
  • Adobe Digital Editions (downloads the whole book). Not all ebrary books are available in ADE.
    You may read many ebrary eBooks on your computer using the Adobe Digital Editions Program or on an iOS or Android device using a compatible app. For instance, the app Bluefire will allow ePub formatted books protected by Adobe Digital Rights Manager to be loaded on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. For this to work, your mobile device must also be authorized with your Adobe Digital Editions ID. A maximum of 10 eBooks may be downloaded at one time, per account holder. The check out period  is 14 days and the loan will automatically expire at the end of that period, though you may return a title early via Adobe Digital Editions
  • ebrary App for iOS and Android (download and read books offline or, for books not available in ADE, a simpler online interface for reading books online)
    See the box beolow to see how to make the app work with WOU's access or check out the great tutorial   Simpson University has put together on how to set the ebrary App up.

The ebrary eBooks user's guide can be accessed here.

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