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Chemical Literature: Introduction

A guide for use by students in the Chemical Literature class.


Key information

Introduction video

  • Use the tabs along the top of the page ↖↗ to find/learn about content types
  • If you are struggling, ask me ( or use the chat widget on the library homepage.
  • Never, ever pay for an article. We have lots of ways of getting it for you.
  • Use links from library pages to make sure that the vendors/publishers/websites recognize you as a WOU student (so you don't have to pay!)
  • If you are struggling with Chemical Abstracts ask me - most folks in the library don't have access to it. Logoff every time. Chem Abstracts gets expensive fast!


  • Use keywords, not sentences.
  • Break your concept down to the main ideas
  • Start with fewer broad and add more to narrow your results down
  • Use parentheses to group terms e.g., (peanut butter OR jelly), and boolean terms (focus on "AND" and "OR") to make your search more effective:

    Image credit: Slippery Rock University


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