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Equipment: General Information

A guide to equipment available to check out from Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University

Borrowing Policy

In general, here’s what you need to know for borrowing equipment:

  • WOU photo ID is required for each equipment checkout.  If you have barcode-only ID, a government-issued photo ID must accompany it.
  • You are responsible for caring for and securing the equipment while it is checked out to you. This includes knowing the due date; accounting for parts and pieces; safeguarding against theft; and paying late fines and costs for repair or replacement of equipment, components, or accessories.
  • You must return equipment directly to library personnel at the Checkout Desk.
  • Library staff may deny further borrowing privileges if you damage equipment, repeatedly return equipment late, or otherwise misuse the equipment.
  • You may renew equipment online through the My Library link on the library’s website.

Equipment Borrowing

The library lends digital cameras, video and audio recorders, laptop & tablet computers, and many other electronics and related accessories as shared resources. Equipment is often required for specific coursework and/or has high demand or monetary value. Therefore lending policies are often more restrictive, and overdue or replacement fines often more severe than those for books and media.  Overdue charges for equipment range from $2 to $20 per day. 
This guide provides detailed information about the library’s equipment.
  • Inventory
  • Availability 
  • Checkout periods
  • Overdue fines and other penalties for misuse
  • Links to instruction manuals and driver software

Digital Production Center (in Hamersly Library)


The Digital Production Studio (DPS), located in room 201 in Hamersly Library, offers the tools and support for students, faculty, and staff to create their own digital media. Whether for video or audio production, desktop design, website creation, media conversion, scanning, or CD/DVD duplication, the DPS offers the campus community an array of specialized equipment all the hours the library is open.
For technical support contact the Center of Academic Innovation. The DPS is locked at all times (except when in use) to get the key please check in with the checkout desk.