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Equipment: iPads

A guide to equipment available to check out from Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University

Borrowing Policy

For the first two weeks of each term, students enrolled in specific programs and classes have exclusive access to borrow Apple iPad and Pencil kits. Eligible students may come directly to the Checkout Desk to borrow the kit, or they may use instructions (provided to program coordinators or class instructors) to request delivery of the kit. The iPads are lent for the full term. 

At Week 3, all remaining iPads are opened to general borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis at the Checkout Desk. Loans are for the remainder of the term. 

Instructional Handout

iPad Tips & Tricks

Useful tips & tricks for the iPad

1. First, Customize The Dock

iOS 11 iPad Dock
The Dock is your starting point to all interactions on the iPad (along with the Home screen). The Dock is the bottom row of icons which can hold up to 13 apps. And the Dock is available everywhere in iOS. Just a short swipe up from the bottom will take you to the Dock. Then you can just tap on an app to open it.

Fill the Dock with your most used apps and you’ll rarely need to go to the Home screen to launch apps.

2. Swipe Up to Go Home

 Just swipe up to go to the Home screen.

3. Access App Switcher

iOS 12 iPad App Switcher

A short swipe up will bring up the Dock. And if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the middle of the iPad screen, you’ll reveal the App Switcher.

4. Quit Apps

When you’re in the App Switcher, just swipe up on an app preview to force quit the app.

5. Use Apps in Floating Windows

iOS 11 iPad Slide Over

One really useful feature is Slide Over. When an app is open, just swipe up to open the Dock and drag an app over to the app that’s already open. The new app will open in a narrow window. You can move it around and keeping the app that’s below it.

6. Use Split View for Multitasking

iOS 11 iPad Split View

The screen on the iPad is great for using two apps side by side. After opening an app, bring up the Dock and drag an app icon from the Dock to either the left or right edge of the screen, till you see a dark box. Release your finger and the app will be docked to the side. You can use the handlebar to resize each app.

7. Drag and Drop Files or Text Between Apps

iPad inter app drag and drop

Once you have two apps running side by side, you can drag and drop images, text, and files from one app to another.

8. Watch Videos in Picture in Picture

This feature is enabled by default. When you’re watching a video in an app like Netflix, just hit the Home button. The video will continue to play in a small floating window. You can resize it and move it around.

9. New Way to Access Control Center

iOS 12 iPad Control Center

To access Control Center, swipe down from the right edge of the status bar.

10. Quick Gesture For App Switching

iOS 12 iPad App Switching Gesture

You can quickly switch between apps by using a small arc style gesture. Just swipe left to right, making a small semi-circle and you’ll be able to switch to the most recent app.

11. Quickly Access Spotlight From Anywhere

iPad Air Tips and Tricks 1

Using the Command + Space shortcut, you can bring up Spotlight from anywhere. Start tying an app’s name and if it’s the first in the suggestions, just press Enter key to open it.

12. Use Apple Pencil To Take Notes on Lock Screen

The new iPads support the first generation Apple Pencil. Go to Settings -> Notes and you can configure it to automatically launch a new note when you tap the iPad screen with your Apple Pencil on the Lock screen.

13. Close Multiple Tabs in Safari

iPad Air Tips and Tricks 3

Just tap and hold on the Tab Switcher button and tap on the Close All Tabs button to quickly close all open tabs.

14. Lock Notes

iPad Air Tips and Tricks 4

One of the lesser known features of Apple Notes is the ability to lock notes using Touch ID. Open a note, tap on the Share button and select Lock note to get started.

15. Add Website To Home Screen

iPad Air Tips and Tricks 9

There are some things that still work better in Safari and negate the need to install a special app. In such a case, you can add websites as Home screen shortcuts. Open the website, tap on Share button and select Add to Home screen.

16. Record Your iPad Screen

iOS 11 iPad screen recording

You can easily record your iPad screen to show a process to someone. Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and turn on the Screen Recording toggle. Now, open the Control Center and tap Screen Recording toggle to start recording the screen (and the audio if you want).

17. How to Take a Screenshot

Use the Power and Home button at the same time to take a screenshot. Once a screenshot is taken, you’ll see a preview of it in the bottom-left corner. You can tap on it to quickly edit it or share it.

18. Use The Smart Keyboard and Master The Keyboard Shortcuts

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

The iPad is easier to use with keyboard shortcuts, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of text.

  • Command + Left: Go to the end of the line
  • Command + Right: Go to the beginning of the current line
  • Command + Up: Go to the top of the page
  • Command + Down: Go to the bottom of the page
  • Option + Left/Right: Move cursor one character at a time
  • Option + Shift + Left/Right: Select previous/next word
  • Shift + Left/Right: Begin text selection on the Left/Right of the cursor, one character at a time
  • Shift + Command + Left/Right: Select the entire line, Left/Right of the cursor
  • Shift + Command + Up/Down: Select all text in the document (above or below from the cursor)

Changing the Name of Your iPad

Instructions for changing the name of your iPad:

  1. Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPad home screen.

  2. Tap the "General" tab on the left of the "Settings" screen.

  3. Tap the "About" option on the top of the right side of the screen.

  4. Tap the "Name" option at the top of the "About" screen.

  5. Enter your desired name into the field and tap "done" in the bottom right.

  6. Your iPad should now have your desired name.