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Equipment: Swivls & iPad Minis for edTPA

A guide to equipment available to check out from Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University


edTPA Equipment Information

Downloading Apps, Media, and Files

Besides the core, Apple-installed apps. these iPads Minis come pre-loaded with the Swivl Capture app. Swivl Capture app logo   You may download other apps, but please note the following:

1. You need your own Apple ID. If you own an iPod, iPhone, or Mac computer, or use iTunes at all, you already have an Apple ID; it's the username and password you use to login to the App Store or iTunes. The Apple ID page will allow you to recover it if you've forgotten it, or to create one. 

2. Your purchases (free or paid) through iTunes and the App Store follow your Apple ID.  So even if your initial download is to this borrowed iPad mini, you can subsequently download it to another iOS device (iPhone or iPad) you have now or get in the future.  And the reverse is true; if you already own an iPhone to which you've downloaded apps, those apps will be available to download to this borrowed iPad.

3. Before returning the iPad to the library, be sure to:

  • delete or transfer any content you created or downloaded
  • sign out of your Apple account, email, Swivl Capture and other other app accounts  
  • turn off the passcode if you had turned it on.

* Library staff don't always have time between checkouts to return the iPads to a “neutral” state. Please take these steps to protect your privacy and accounts.


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Checking out a Swivl robotic platform

  • Carrying case
  • Swivl base unit
  • small, medium, and large grips and a grip holder
  • remote marker/microphone and lanyard
  • USB charging cable and DC power adaptor
  • 2 connector cables--one for iOS devices, one for Android devices
  • instructional flyer and Swivl user guide
  • 360° rotating mount for a smartphone or tablet for the purposes of capturing video
  • handheld marker that signals the base unit for tracking movement around the classroom,with embedded microphone
  • Base unit has a standard tripod mount
  • Optional additional checkout for a adapter to use a DSLR camera or camcorder instead of a smartphone or tablet.
Who can borrow one?
edTPA candidates
How long is the loan?
2 weeks, renewable once (for a longer loan, contact Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon)
What are the overdue fines?
$10 per day
What is the replacement charge?
Guides and Manuals

What is Swivl?

Quickstart Resources for Swivl Robot

Please note: These online guides refer to multiple microphones & primary and secondary markers. Your Swivl kit comes with one marker/microphone only. The instructions about the primary marker are relevant.
Swivl Capture App Teams by Swivl app for AndroidAndroid ;Teams by Swivl app for Apple iOS

Check Availability & Request Item for C Series (newer model) or Gen2 (older model)

Checking out an iPad Mini

The iPad Mini (edTPA only) package includes the following components:

  • iPad Mini, Wi-Fi only
    • 5th generation on iPadOS 17
    • 4th generation maxed on iPadOS 15
  • iPad charging cable & power adaptor
  • cleaning cloth
  • instructional handout
Who can borrow one? edTPA candidates
How long is the loan?
2 weeks, renewable once (for a longer loan, contact Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon)
What are the overdue fines? $5 per day
What is the replacement charge? $400
Guides and Manuals

Instructional Flyer

User Guides from Apple

iPadOS 17

iPadOS 15


 (Check Availability & Request Item)

Quick Reference Guide

Physical Orientation

The Home button has several functions. It wakes the iPad when it is sleeping, exits out of apps, and returns the iPad to the primary "home" screen.  Double-click the Home button to select from all currently running apps.  Hold the Home button for a second to manage the apps: move them to new locations on the home screen(s), close open apps, delete apps from the device.

A quick press to the On/Off Sleep/Wake button will both wake the iPad and put it to sleep. The iPad uses very little power when it is asleep, so it is not often necessary to turn the iPad entirely off. But when needed, the same button turns the iPad on or off--just hold it down for a few seconds.  To power off, you'll have to confirm on screen.  While the iPad powers on, the Apple icon will display for a minute; when the home screen displays it is ready to use.