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CSE Style Guide, for 7th Edition



A note on citing materials found on a website: If you’re citing formal documentation (e.g. Word, PDF documents) found on a website, you should cite it like a book or journal article you found online (including all relevant publisher information and a URL).

If you're citing a specific web page, include the title of the web page, along with the publication date, after the publisher information

Citations from website/page sources require some or all of the following elements:

  1. Author (last name, first/middle initials).

  2. Title of Website [Internet].

  3. Place of publication (City (State initials)) and publisher name/organization, followed by a colon.

  4. Date of publication or last updated, preceded by 'c'.

  5. Title of web page; publication date (if referencing a specific web page)

  6. Update and/or Access date [updated year abbreviated month day; cited year abbreviated month day].

  7. Estimate of material size (e.g number of screens, pages, file size) if citing single web page resource, in brackets.

  8. Available from: URL.

Basic Layout

Author last name first/middle initials. Title of website [Internet]. Publication city(state): Publisher/Organization: c(year published) [updated year abbreviated month day; cited year abbreviated month day]. Available from: URL




APSnet: plant pathology online [Internet]. St Paul (MN): American Phytopathological Association: c1994-2005 [cited 2005 Jun 20]. Available from:

Web page

Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic Health Information Center [Internet]. Cleveland (OH): The Clinic; c2006. Smoking cessation; 2009 [cited 2010 Feb 8]; [about 3 screens]. Available from:

UT Southwestern Medical Center [Internet]. Dallas (TX): University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Holographic movies show promise for medical, military applications; 2005 Jun 14 [cited 2005 Jun 26]. Available from: