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Chicago Style Guide, for 16th Edition: Journals


Journal Articles


         Journals will commonly form the backbone of your research literature. Citations should always include enough information for a reader to find the resource (either physically or digitally). Citations for physical and electronic journals are structured the same except for the addition of a URL or DOI for online versions.

Note-style citations of journals require some or all of the following elements:

1.      Full name(s) of authors (Firstname Middlename Lastname).

2.      Title and subtitle of article or column, with all major words capitalized(surrounded by quotation marks)

3.      Title of periodical with all major words capitalized (in italicized characters).

4.      Issue information (volume title and/or number)

5.      Publication date in parentheses and ended with a colon “(month, year):”.

6.      Page numbers (where appropriate).

7.      Access date (for online publications

8.      URL or DOI (for online publications).


Basic Layout

            1. Author Firstname Lastname, “Article Title:Subtitle,” Title of Journal, vol. title vol. #, (Publication Month, Year): page numbers, access date, URL or DOI.


Physical Journal

            5. Hope A. Olson, “Codes, Costs, and Critiques: The Organization of Information in Library Quarterly, 1931-2004,” Library Quarterly 76, no. 1 (2006): 20.

Online-Accessed Journal

            13. Judith Lewis, “’Tis a Misfortune to Be a Great Ladie’: Maternal Mortality in the British Aristocracy, 1558-1959,” Journal of British Studies 37, no. 1 (1998): 26-53,

            22. David Meban, “Temple Building, Primus Language, and the Proem to Virgil’s Third Georgic,” Classical Philology 103, no. 2 (2008): 135, doi:10.10.86/590066.