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Chicago Style Guide, for 17th Edition



 A note on citing materials found on a website: If you’re citing formal documentation (e.g. Word, PDF documents) found on a website, you should cite it like a book or journal article (including all relevant publisher information and a URL). For other information found on a website or page, footnote/endnote citation should include some or all of the following elements.

  1. Author: Full name (Firstname Middlename Lastname).
  2. Title of Web Page (in quotations).
  3. Name of publishing entity (in italicized characters).
  4. Publication date: and/or access date (if no publication date given, access date is mandatory).
  5. URL.

Basic Layout

[indented tab]1. Author Firstname Lastname, “title of webpage,” name of publishing entity, publication/last modified date (if given), access date, URL.


Webpage with Date; No Author

          1. “Style Guide,” Wikipedia, last modified July 18, 2008,

          2. “Google Privacy Policy,” last modified October 14, 2005, accessed July 19, 2008,

Webpage with Date and Author

          3. Mister Jalopy, “Effulgence of the North: Storefront Arctic Panorama in Los Angeles,” Dinosaurs and Robots, last modified January 30, 2009,