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Chicago Style Guide, for 16th Edition: Interviews / Personal Communications


Interviews / Personal Communications


         Published or broadcast interviews which are used as sources should be treated the same as a magazine, journal or book, and be cited as such. As always, materials which were accessed online should include a URL, and if the interview was accessed using a form of audiovisual material, an indication of the medium should be included as well.

Unpublished Interviews

Citations for unpublished and personal interviews should contain some or all of the following elements

  1. Name of the person interviewed (firstname middlename lastname), along with identifying information of interviewee, in parentheses (e.g. job title or company name). Exclude if interviewee wishes to remain anonymous.

  2. Name of the interviewer (firstname middlename lastname)

  3. Place or date of the interview.

  4. Location of where transcript or recording of interview may be found (if held by an organization).

Basic Layout

            1. Interviewee Firstname Lastname (identifying information), interviewer firstname lastname, interview date, location where transcript or recording may be found.


Unpublished Interview

            7. Andrew Macmillan (principal adviser, Investment Center Division, FAO), in discussion with the author, September 1998.

            8. Benjamin Spock, interview by Milton J. E. Senn, November 20, 1974, interview 67A, transcript, Senn Oral History Collection, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD.

Anonymous Interview

            9. Interview with health care worker, March 23, 2010.

Personal Communications

            Notation citations of personal communications should always omit any personal data (email address, cell phone number, etc). Personal communications are typically also left out of the bibliography.

            10. Contance Conlon, e-mail message to author, April 17, 2000.