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Chicago Style Guide, for 16th Edition: Blogs




         Citations of blog entries and comments are structured similarly to articles in periodicals. If you’re using a blog comment as a reference, the citation should begin with the screen identify of the commenter, date/time of the comment, followed by the words “comment on”. Blogs which are part of a larger publication (ex. New York Times) should also include the name of the publication in their citation. Make sure to remember to add the word ‘blog’ (in parentheses) after the title of the blog (unless the word ‘blog’ is part of the title). Citation of blogs is usually limited to footnotes/endnotes and is not included in your Bibliography unless used as a large or frequently reoccurring source.

Footnote/endnote citation of blogs should include some or all of the following elements:

  1. Commenter screen name (when appropriate).

  2. Commenter date and time of comment (when appropriate).

  3. "comment on” (when appropriate).

  4. Author name (firstname middlname lastname).

  5. Blog article title (in quotation marks).

  6. Blog name (in italicized characters).

  7. Publishing company, if part of larger publication (in italicized characters).

  8. “(blog)” (if ‘blog’ isn’t used in the blog name).

  9. Blog article date and time of publication.

  10. URL.


Basic Layout

            1. Commenter screen name, comment date (time), comment on Author Firstname Lastname, “blog article name,” name of blog (blog), parent publishing entity, publication date (time), URL.


Blog with Publishing Company

            2. Mike Nizza, “Go Ahead, Annoy Away, an Australian Court Says,” The Lede (blog), New York Times, July 15, 2008,

Comment on a Blog

            5. Susan Woodring, September 17, 2010 (2:31 a.m.), comment on J. Robert Lennon, “How Do You Revise?,” Ward Six (blog), September 16, 2010 (8:39 a.m.),

            6. AC, July 1, 2008 (10:18 a.m.), comment on Rhian Ellis, “Squatters’ Rights,” Ward Six (blog), June 30, 2008,