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APA Style Guide 7th Edition

General Guidelines for Personal Communications

  • A personal communication is information that has been given to you but which can't be accessed or retrieved by readers. This includes sources such as private letters, personal emails, chats, direct messages, phone conversations, live speeches, class lectures, and personal interviews. 
  • You only cite them in-text. They do not require a reference page.   
  • In order to cite a personal communication in text, give the first name initial(s) and last name of the communicator (e.g. the person you interviewed, spoke to on the phone, etc.), and the date of your communication with them. 
  • Incorporate the in-text citation into your paper appropriately according to what type of citation it is (e.gdirect quote, block quote, or paraphrase).

Narrative Personal Communication 

Direct Quote 
Y. Lopez (personal communication, May 5, 2020) noted "It is important to have various strategies prepared to respond to behavioral issues when they arise so you are not just reacting in the moment." 

B. Morales (personal communication, June 15, 2020) discussed that after spending three days in nature, people experience lower anxiety and improvements in mood. 

Parenthetical Personal Communication

Direct Quote
"When the mind wanders, the Default Mode Network becomes active and one will experience a range of thoughts including thinking about yourself, people in your life, your past, and your future (D. Ramos, personal communication, April 17, 2020).  

How a teacher implements discipline in the classroom can have profound impacts on the student which is why it is important to be both fair and compassionate (L. Hernandez, personal communication, July 6, 2020).