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APA Style Guide 7th Edition

General Guidelines for Video/Film/TV

Author Last name, First Initials. (Year). Title of work [Description]. Publisher.

Note: For works that stand alone, list the director as the author. For an entire series, list the producers as the author. For episode in a series, list the director and writer of the episode as author. 


Film or Video
Gerwig, G. (Director). (2017). Lady bird [Film]. Lionsgate. 

TV Series 
Kono, B., Theron, C., Penhall, J., Chaffin, C., Donen, J., Fincher, D., & Miles, C. (Executive Producers).
          (2017–present). Mindhunter [TV series]. Denver and Delilah Productions; Netflix.


TV Series Episode 

Lindholm, T. (Director). (2017, October 13). Episode 5 (Season 1, Episode 5) [TV series episode]. In B. Kono,
          C. Theron, J. Penhall, C. Chaffin, J. Donen, D. Fincher, & C. Miles (Executive Producers), Mindhunter.
          Denver and Delilah Productions; Netflix.

TED Talk 
Pierson, R. (2013, May). Every kid needs a champion [Video]. TED Conferences.

YouTube Video / Streaming Video   

Marks, Tracy (2019, October 16). Two things you can do to stop ruminating [Video]. YouTube.



  • List each author alphabetically by the authors last name and first name initial(s) in the order they appeared in the article. Do not include titles, positions, or ranks in the authors name.
  • Include the first 20 authors. If you have more then 20 authors include the first 19 and then et al. for the remaining authors. 
  • Separate the authors by commas and the ampersand "&" sign. 
  • If citing a film or video use the director as author. 
  • If citing a TV series, cite the executive producers as author. 
  • If citing an episode of a TV series cite the director and writers as author. 
  • Include, in parentheses, the role of the author. For example (Director), (Writer), (Executive Producer). 


  • Enclose the date of publication in parentheses followed by a period. For example: (2020).
  • If the date of publication includes the month and/or day then put the year first, followed by the month first and/or day separated by a comma. For Example: (2020, July 18). 
  • If the publication date is unknown or cannot be determined, list the date as n.d. (which stands for no date). For example: (n.d.).  

Video/Movie/TV Show Title 

  • Italicize the title. 
  • The first word of the title and subtitle is capitalized as are proper nouns but all other words are lowercase.  
  • If a title ends with a question mark or exclamation point, use those punctuation marks instead of a period at the end.
  • In brackets, include the type of medium. For example: [Film], [Video], [Season 2, Episode 12 TV Series].  


  • Include the name of the production company(s) with all major words capitalized. 


  • For online videos, films, and TV shows accessible to the public without a subscription to a service, include the web address.