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APA Style Guide 7th Edition


Author Last name, First Initials. (Year). Title of work. Site Name. web address

Group Author. (Year). Title of work. Site Name. web address 

Note: If group author and site name are the same, omit site name. 


Webpage with Author
Williams, V. (2018, August 27). Mayo Clinic minute: How much screen time is too much for kids? Mayo Clinic.


Webpage with Group Author
World Health Organization. (2019, April 24). To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more.



Webpage on a News Website 
LaMotte, S. (2020, January 30). Teachers who praise see a 30% increase in good behavior from students.


Webpage with a Retrieval Date 

Merriam-Webster (2020). Mindfulness. Retrieved June 18, 2020, from

Note: Most websites do not need to include a retrieval date unless the information may change like a dictionary definition. 




  • List each author alphabetically by the authors last name and first name initial(s) in the order they appeared in the article. Do not include titles, positions, or ranks in the authors name.
  • Include the first 20 authors. If you have more then 20 authors include the first 19 and then et al. for the remaining authors. 
  • Separate the authors by commas and the ampersand "&" sign. 
  • If citing a group author, use the entire group name 


  • Enclose the date of publication in parentheses followed by a period. For example: (2020).
  • If the date of publication includes the month and/or day then put the year first, followed by the month and/or day separated by a comma. For Example: (2020, July 18). 
  • If the publication date is unknown or cannot be determined, list the date as n.d. (which stands for no date). For example: (n.d.).  

Webpage Title 

  • Italicize the web page title. 
  • The first word of the title and subtitle is capitalized as are proper nouns but all other words are lowercase. 
  • If a title ends with a question mark or exclamation point, use those punctuation marks instead of a period at the end. 

Website Name

  • All major words capitalized. Can be omitted if the same as group author.  

URLs ‚Äč

  • Include the web address.
  • Only include a retrieval date if the source is likely to change over time or was designed to be updated (such as a dictionary entry or Facebook page). The majority of web addresses do not need a retrieval date.