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APA Style Guide 7th Edition

General Guidelines For Newspapers 

Author Last name, First initials. (Year, Month day). Article title. Newspaper Name, Section and page number 


Newspaper Article - Print  

Gordon, A. (2020, June 12). What should you do when your child wants to spend time on your phone and not on the playground? Denver Post, D2. 


News Article - Online 

Bell, D. (2020, April 21). ZOOM-ing in on disruptive students in ‘classroom’. San Diego Union-Tribune.


Notes About Author, Date, Title, and Source 


  • List each author alphabetically by the authors last name and first name initial(s) in the order they appeared in the article. Do not include titles, positions, or ranks in the authors name.
  • Separate the authors by commas and the ampersand "&" sign (for the last author). 
  • If citing a group author, use the entire group name. 
  • If a source has no author or group author, move the title to the author position and alphabetize it accordingly in the reference list. 


  • Enclose the date of publication put the year first, followed by the month and/or day separated by a comma. For Example: (2020, July 18). 
  • If the publication date is unknown or cannot be determined, list the date as n.d. (which stands for no date). For example: (n.d.).  

Article Title 

  • The first word of the title and subtitle is capitalized as are proper nouns but all other words are lowercase. For example: Digital screen time limits and young children's psychological well-being: Evidence from a population-based study. 
  • If a title ends with a question mark or exclamation point, use those punctuation marks instead of a period at the end. 

Newspaper title 

  • The name of the newspaper is italicized with all major words capitalized. 

Page Numbers 

  • List both the section and page number. You do not include p. or pp. For example: C5


  • For online newspapers include the URL.